"Unconventional," is one of the words Sam Lehr uses to describe his jewelry designs. His signature look would be considered high fashion classic contemporary. If it looks as though Sam Lehr's designs have an artistic touch, there is a good reason. Sam began his career designing jewelry after spending 7 years studying architecture. Jared Lehr apprenticed with Sam and studied design and jewelry making at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Sam Lehr concentrates on achieving a design style that has a sense of flair and sophistication. Jared has his "Eye" trained on the fashionable woman who has a clear sense of her own personal style---someone who is looking for jewelry that has a unique look.

Their creative process begins with a concept, an idea on the sketch pad, napkin or anything that is handy to capture that flash of creativity. The concept evolves using shapes, forms, space and color in proportion. A harmonious blend with all facets integral to the unity of the final product. One of the ways Sam and Jared expresses their design direction is thru the use of quality gemstones and complimentary fancy shaped diamonds, especially ovals, marquise, baguette and princess cut diamonds integrated with pink, green and white gold. Similar to a painter who mixes color on a palette to achieve a vision on a canvas, Sam Lehr uses innovative combinations of color metals and gemstones to achieve a unique jewelry creation.

"Elegant and Exciting" describes the Sam Lehr Collection………

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